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Schedule 12/9-12/14

Schedule the week of 12-9:

Monday 12-9:
Practice 1:00-3:15 all teams @ JBHS

Tuesday 12-10:
Games vs Canyon @ JBHS
3:30 Varsity
5:00 JV
6:30 Soph/Frosh

Wednesday 12-11:
Soph/Frosh @ Alhambra 3:15
JV practice 6:00-8:00
Varsity practice 6:00-8:00

Thursday 12-12:
Soph/Frosh practice 2:00-3:45
Varsity & JV 6:15-8:00

Friday 12-13:
6th period fitness & chalk talk all teams

Saturday 12-14:
Varsity TNT tournament @ 8:00am vs Santa Monica HS
Soph/Frosh Hart Tournament @ 11:00am vs Alhambra HS

Practice the week of Nov. 11

Practice the week of Nov.11:
No practice Monday!

TUESDAY 11-12:
So/Frosh @ Jordan 3:30-5:00
Var & JV @ JBHS 7:00-8:30

So/Frosh @ Jordan 3:30-5:00
Var & JV @ JBHS 2:00-4:00

So/Frosh @ Jordan 3:30-5:00
Var & JV @ JBHS 7:00-8:30

FRIDAY 11-15:
So/ Frosh 6th period only
Var & JV @ JBHS 2:00-4:00

All players must attend 6th period every day.

Schedule is subject to change due to JBHS football.

JBHS Girls Soccer News 11/6/13 (1573)

Good afternoon,

  • Coach Brady has scheduled a very important meeting for Tuesday November 12 in room 1208 (1st building at JBHS).  The purpose of this meeting is to cover player and parent expectations and conduct for this season. The Soph/Frosh families will meet 6-7:15 and the JV/Varsity families will meet 7:30-8:30.
  • ALL Worlds Finest Chocolate money is due by Monday, November 11.  Please consider using the PayPal option or contact Patty to make arrangements to deliver your money.
  • Please reply with the number of BUNCO registrations that you can commit to selling. Although registrations are not due until Wednesday, November 13, I would like to have a solid reply from all families prior to that so we can plan accordingly.All players are highly encouraged to sell 2 tickets minimum. You are welcome to pay for BUNCO tickets via PayPal as well.
  • A link for volunteering for BUNCO and/or the Goodwill Drive will be going our shortly. The last drop off date before the November 16 Goodwill Drive at JBHS parking lot is this Friday 5-8 pm, 720 S. Mariposa (near Pavillions). Download GOODWILL FLYER CLICK HERE
  • Please direct all fundraising questions to the Booster group and visit the website often to check for updates


JBHS Girls Soccer News 11/1/13 (1329)


  • We need to collect money for BUNCO registrations ASAP.  The lack of response in supporting this event (through purchasing tickets or providing items for the baskets) is of great concern.  Please allow me to give you a quick FYI, every year there are a few families who cannot or do not pay their suggested family donations.  Every year Booster money has to cover those unpaid monies. Booster money comes directly from the fundraising events, donations from outside supporters, and family contributions. As of today,there are several families who have not participated in any fundraisers and have been unresponsive to any emails that have been sent out.  This lack of parent interest in supporting the Girls Soccer Program is alarming. If the Boosters does not raise sufficient monies to support the Girls Soccer Program, then the budget will have to be reduced, goals for the Girls Soccer Program (such as the number of soccer games played, equipment for the Program, or other items) will need to be cut or eliminated.  
  • I acknowledge that a game of BUNCO may not be everyones idea of a good time. If you cannot find family or friends to purchase tickets, consider purchasing a ticket for yourself and inviting a friend.  I assure you it is a fun time, good food, and many raffle opportunities. There will be drinks available at the bar. 
  • All players are expected to make a contribution to the team opportunity baskets. Take a look at the flier here: Download TEAM OPPORTUNITY BASKETSCLICK HERE
  •  Check the website often for updates as some updates may be made on the website only and not via e-mail. 
  • In a few weeks, we will all get to sit back and enjoy watching the girls play.  BUT, first we must get through collecting WFC money, BUNCO and the Goodwill Drive. Please hang in there and take care of doing your part to help fund the JBHS Girls Soccer Program!! I look forward to seeing the support for the Girls Soccer Program increase by parents turning in the World’s Finest Chocolate monies and buying BUNCO tickets over the next few days. 

Practice the week of Nov. 4

Monday Nov. 4

All teams @ Jordan MS 3:30-5:00

Tuesday Nov. 5

All teams @ Jordan MS 3:30-5:00

Wednesday Nov. 6

Soph/Frosh @ Edison ES 3:30-5:00


While practice isn’t mandatory a lack of participation, attendance or effort will absolutely effect playing time.


JBHS Girls Soccer news 10/27/13 (1180)

2013 JBHS girls soccer sweaters

  • Payments for the 2013/2014 team sweaters are now due.  The girls brought home an order slip and coach Brady discussed their sweater options with them this week and collected their sizes. Please remember to send a payment if your daughter ordered a sweater. You can also use the PayPal option on the website, choose the “Optional Items” option.


  • Make payments for WFC on the website via PayPal or call Patty to make arrangements to deliver payments


  • Goodwill Drive Drop off dates:

            Friday Nov.1, 5-8 pm  @ 720 S. Mariposa St. (near Pavillions) 

            Friday Nov. 8, 5-8 pm  @ 720 S. Mariposa St. (near Pavillions) 

            Saturday November 16 at the JBHS parking lot, 9-3pm


  • Please donate any empty baskets to use for the opportunity raffles. Each family is responsible for a donation to the team baskets. Download TEAM OPPORTUNITY BASKETSCLICK HERE
  • Begin collecting registrations for BUNCO.  Each player is highly encouraged to recruit a minimum of 2 BUNCO participants in order to make this event a success. 
  • Remember to tell your guests that they will receive 3 bonus opportunity tickets for registrations returned with payment by Friday November 1.
  • The next Booster meeting is Tuesday, November 19 time/location TBD
  • Please check the website for updates often and refer any fundraising questions to the Booster group

Preliminary Rosters 2013-14 (Captains and numbers)

All teams are subject to change at the discretion of the Head Coach:

Captains denoted by (C)


  •   7     Taylor Bailey (C)
  •   8     Emma Pineiro (C)
  • 12     Alexis Hernandez (C)
  •   0     Gabby Galvez
  •   2     Brianna Castillo
  •   3     Kristina Molina
  •   5     Kristin Masuzumi
  •   6     Bailey Simmons
  •   9     Kelly Arrue
  • 10     Jackie Luga
  • 11     Ja’Nell Moran
  • 16     Hayley Woolsey
  • 17     Krysta Volland
  • 21     Noelle Garcia
  • 23     Miranda Kaekul
  • 24     Leslie Villalta
  • 71     Angie Delgado (inj)
  • 00     Danielle Tilton



  •   4    Maddie Riggs (C)
  • 25    Daisy Castaneda (C)
  • 22    Olivia Lora (C)
  •   1    Camilla Franco
  • 13    Victoria Haley
  • 14    Marissa Quintero
  • 15    Abby Chavez
  • 18    Larissa Perez
  • 19    Makena Sierra
  • 20    Isabel Moran
  • 26    Delila Varela
  • 27    Jaymie Olea
  • 29    Sarah Faucheux
  • 30    Clarissa Yang
  • 32    Savannah Castaneda
  • 33    Jazmine Valdez (inj)
  • 38    Alondra Solis
  • 42    Bella Nova
  • 50   Cassandra Giangrasso
  • 55    Emma Bartram
  • 66    Lilliane Leon (inj)


  • 35    Emily Wilson (C)
  • 45    Jocelyn Navaro (C)
  • 60    Callie Suppa (C)
  • 96    Frankie Mills (C)
  • 31    Calista Whitecotton (inj)
  • 34    Cynthia Monteros
  • 36    Cameron Acosta
  • 37    Gabriella Cazeras
  • 39    Nicky Wagner
  • 40    Molly Stapelfeldt
  • 41    Christina Robinson
  • 43    Heidi Eligio
  • 44    Jenifer Alvarez
  • 46    Zoe Kelman
  • 47    Rachel Niver
  • 51    Raquel Quinonez
  • 61    Giovanna Padilla
  • 62    Crystal Valladeras
  • 63    Hennessy Hasbun
  • 64    Celeste Valladeras
  • 77    Kady Guerrero
  • 81    Emily Orsatt
  • 88    Skylar Macdonald
  • 89    Hannah Cullen
  • 92    Graison Anderson
  • 99    Ashley Phelps


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