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What do we need to take care of before going to the Summer ID Week?
All JBHS Student-Athletes must be cleared by the school before attending any practices. To become cleared, all players must have a current physical and a completed athletic packet on file with the Athletic Secretary at JBHS. Papers can be downloaded at www.goburroughs.com.

How many student-athletes will be in the program this season?
The number of student-athletes making teams this season will depend upon the viability of having a Soph/Frosh team. If we are able to have Varsity, Junior Varsity and Soph/Frosh teams there will be approximately 50-55 spots available. If there are only Varsity and Junior Varsity teams the number drops to between 36-40 players.

What are the problems with having a Soph/Frosh team?
There is absolutely no budget or funds available for this team so it must be completely self-sufficient. There will be little to no opportunities for transportation services for away matches putting the responsibility on the parents. There is no league to play in as we would be the only school in the Pacific League with a team.

What are the solutions for having the team?
A significant amount of participation from the parents in terms of fundraising, transportation, and sharing of responsibilities must take place. The staff must try to secure enough friendly matches to make it worthwhile. The parents and student-athletes must understand the limitations of the team and wish to proceed.

How are the players chosen for the program?
There are 3 opportunities for student-athletes to make an impact on the coaching staff to make the team. These include the JBHS Summer ID Camp, JBHS Girls Soccer Try-outs and Coach observations.

Is attendance at the Summer ID Week mandatory?
No, but it is strongly encouraged. The camp offers the student-athletes an opportunity to improve overall fitness, learn techniques to prevent injuries, improve soccer skills, get to know other student-athletes, and interact with the coaching staff. The Camp offers the best possible preparation for the Try-outs.

Can a player attend Try-outs if they don’t attend the ID Week?
Yes, but keep in mind we are looking for dedicated student-athletes willing to make a 100% commitment to the team. If two players of equal quality are on the bubble of making a team the player making the bigger commitment will get the position.

Can a student-athlete make a team without attending the ID Week or Try-outs?
In some rare circumstances a student-athlete can make the team if they miss both the camp and try-outs due to injury or participation in other high level soccer competitions. This falls under the category of Coach observation.

Do Club, AYSO Tournament players or AYSO All-Stars automatically get a spot?
No. However, student-athletes who have been playing on higher competitive levels over a long period of time often have a better chance of succeeding in the high school environment.

Do returning Varsity or Junior Varsity players automatically get a spot?
No. Each player will be re-evaluated to determine if and where they best fit into the program.

Are there limitations as to who makes Varsity, JV and Soph/Frosh?
Yes. While any student-athlete in good standing can make the Varsity team, Seniors are limited to playing Varsity, Juniors are limited to playing Varsity or Junior Varsity and only Freshman and Sophomores can play Soph/Frosh.

If a player is still practicing/competing with their Club team should they attend the ID Week?
One of the main purposes of the camp is to train the student-athletes properly so they prevent injury. If the student-athlete is still actively training with their Club team and participating in some phases of the Camp, this may expose them to over-training and increased possibility of injury. In these cases, please communicate with the Head Coach to make appropriate modifications.

What are the goals of the Summer ID Week?
The JBHS Summer ID Camp is designed to prepare the student-athletes for the upcoming Try-outs and give them a foundation in multiple aspects of training for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. These include but are not limited to conditioning, agility training, ACL injury prevention, strength training, stretching techniques, technical skill acquisition, tactical skill acquisition, and an introduction to staff, coaches and other student-athletes.

What is the schedule for the Summer ID Week?
The specifics of days and times are being finalized, but the Camp will be conducted several days a week including Saturdays. It will be finalized by the meeting on June 4.

What is the suggested contribution for the Summer ID Week?
The suggested contribution for the Camp is $40. Dry-fit JBHS soccer practice shirts will be available for purchase for an additional $10/ea.

Should a student-athlete attend the ID Week if they can’t make every session?
Yes, some training is better than no training.

What equipment is required at the ID Week?
NOCSAE approved shin guards (label on front), white soccer socks, black soccer shorts, grey t-shirt (or JBHS practice shirt), size 5 soccer ball, water, snacks, soccer cleats. Student-athletes that are not dressed properly will not be allowed to participate.

When are the JBHS Girls Soccer Try-outs?
The Try-outs will be conducted over a 2 ½ week period from July 8 – July 25. The specific dates and times will be finalized by the meeting on June 4.

How are the players evaluated at the Try-outs?
The coaches, assistant coaches and trainers conduct the evaluation process. The Try-outs will be highly competitive and designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the players in several different areas. These include but are not limited to technical skills on the ball, tactical understanding and application, physical conditioning in the areas of speed, endurance, quickness, agility and strength, psychological development and intangible qualities the coaching staff deems critical.

Are parents allowed to attend the Try-outs?
Parents are welcome to attend both the ID Camp and Try-outs. However, the role of the parents during the try-outs must be that of spectator. No “coaching” or communication is allowed with student-athletes during the Try-out sessions.

Will there be fitness tests used during the Try-outs?
Yes. Fitness and conditioning are important considerations during the try-out process. The purpose of the ID Camp is to prepare the student-athletes for the rigors of the Try-outs. It is the expectation of the coaches that all players attempting to make it into the JBHS Girls Soccer program understand the importance of physical fitness as it relates to the game of soccer. The head trainer will develop a set of tests to quantify each student-athlete’s fitness level.

How is information about the program communicated with parents and students?
Communication will be through several mediums that include email, text, phone trees, social media and currently the www.goburroughs.com site. We are working on developing a new website for the JBHS Girls Soccer program.

Will players be cut from the team even if they participate in the ID Week and Try-outs?
It is likely that we will have player cuts as there are more student-athletes than there are spots in the program. It is the desire of the Head Coach and the staff to make the Soph/Frosh program a reality. This will open up a considerable number of places if we can make it happen.

Once the teams are selected do the Student-Athletes have to take a regular PE class?
For the first 10 weeks of school the student-athletes who made the team can take the soccer conditioning class during 6th period instead of PE. The next 20 weeks are the regular season. For the remaining 10 weeks, any student needing a PE class must take general PE unless they are involved in a Spring Sport (softball, track, etc.)

Can a student-athlete play a Fall sport or participate in Choir and still play on the team?
Yes. Playing a Fall sport is not only acceptable it is highly encouraged. The Athletic Department at JBHS is determined to work together to find solutions for our student-athletes talented enough to play multiple sports. Choir participation is possible but can create conflicts with practices and games. Please discuss these situations with the Head Coach.

When do team practices begin?
Practices will begin the first week of school during 6th period.

What is the expected commitment level?
To participate in the JBHS Girls Soccer program student-athletes are expected to make a 100% commitment to their academics and athletics. Any non-school related activities such as family outings, appointments, personal time, etc. should be planned around practice. While academics come first, failure to properly plan for exams and/or assignments is not an excusable reason to miss practice.

What type of coaching style should you expect?
The Head Coach is adamant that it is inappropriate to:

  • Yell at players in a negative or abusive manner
  • Use profanity in any way
  • Direct demeaning or hurtful comments towards the players
  • Disrespect the players, parents, officials or staff in any setting

While the coaches are human beings and not immune to making mistakes, the Head Coach is looking for the highest possible standard of himself and the staff.

The Head Coach is also adamant that the coaches will:

  • Be 100% prepared for every training session
  • Take every opportunity to teach the players and communicate in a positive and respectful manner
  • Be open to suggestions from players and become “coachable” themselves when appropriate
  • Impart their love of soccer and instill the joy of playing the “beautiful game” in the student-athletes

In addition to signing the Code of Conduct, what are some of the specifics related to behavior mandated by the Head Coach and his staff?
The Head Coach is inflexible when it comes to certain areas of conduct by the student-athletes that include but aren’t limited to:

  • Absolutely no profanity or vulgarity
  • Zero tolerance for hazing of Freshman or new players to the team
  • Respect for coaches, staff, referees, parents and opposing players
  • Absolutely no negativity towards teammates on or off the field
  • 100% of the student-athletes effort available to them on that day
  • 100% coachable attitude

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